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Month: July 2002 (Page 2 of 6)

Software AG & Altova Announce Availability of XML Spy & Tamino Bundle

Software AG and Altova, Inc. announced the availability of the XML Spy 4 Suite and Tamino integrated product bundle. This offering includes Altova’s XML Spy 4 Suite and Software AG’s Tamino XML Server (limited version). The suite supports visual design and editing of XML documents, XML schema, and XSLT stylesheets. The XML Spy 4 Suite is comprised of the XML Spy 4 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the XML Spy 4 XSLT Designer and the XML Spy 4 Document Editor. The XML Spy 4 Suite and Tamino XML Server (limited version) product bundle runs on Windows. The version of Tamino Server which is included in the bundle, is for development purposes only (however can be upgraded at any time) and is limited by database capacity, which can range from 50MB to 1000MB, depending on the number of XML Spy 4 Suite installed user licenses purchased. Bundle pricing begins at $598 US for a single license. The Software AG Tamino XML Server and XML Spy 4 Suite product bundle is available immediately from the XML Spy online shop.,,

Octave Partners With Surebridge

Octave Software, Inc. announced a partnership with Surebridge, Inc. to deliver content management capabilities to high growth companies. Under the partnership, Surebridge will provide rapid application deployment, secure hosting, application management, and technical support for WebOctave, Octave Software’s product. Surebridge will also become a certified Value-Added Reseller of WebOctave.,

Momentum Announces Momentum Enterprise & Momentum RealTime

Momentum Solutions announced the availability of Momentum Enterprise and Momentum RealTime. Momentum Enterprise extracts answers and insights from enterprise content, no matter what format or location, and delivers them to users in the form they prefer within fractions of a second. Momentum Enterprise allows companies to manage content across disparate systems and from separate sources and repositories without templates, tagging tools and workflows, or data replication, synchronization or transformation. The solution utilizes indexing and retrieval engines that work in real time on to distribute unlimited amounts of information across multiple organizations and locations. Momentum RealTime, a component of Momentum Enterprise, uses personalized filtering technology to enable real time access to data categories specified by the user. Once a user specifies search criteria, the solution continuously monitors information feeds and provides that user with instant alerts, regardless of the total number of users and the amount of information filtered.

Zope Launches EuroZope Foundation

Zope Corporation is the founding sponsor of the new EuroZope Foundation. Zope Corporation lends its support for this new non-profit foundation which will promote Zope software and business opportunities in the European communities. Paul Everitt, co-founder of Zope Corporation and current Chief Strategy Officer, is leaving the Company to become the full-time Managing Director.

Atomz Announces WebDAV Support for Atomz Publish

Atomz announced that Atomz Publish supports WebDAV. WebDAV brings visual editing to Web developers and designers by allowing seamless integration between many of the popular HTML editors and Atomz Publish. Support for WebDAV enhances Atomz Publish’s functionality by making the Web content management system a shared network file system, as well as providing a protocol for manipulating and staging content within the user’s favorite HTML editor. Major features include content and template editing, WYSIWYG editing and previewing of changes, file locking and unlocking, unlimited versioning, and a single content repository that is shared between Atomz Publish and the client application. The Atomz Publish file repository can be mounted as a remote file folder, which enables users to access, copy, and delete files using common desktop user interfaces. Then, these files can be managed by workflow processes within Atomz Publish.

Interwoven Announces TeamPortal for mySAP Enterprise Portals

Interwoven, Inc. announced the general availability of Interwoven TeamPortal for mySAP Enterprise Portals, offering a rapid integration of content management features into a single portal interface. The integrated solution is the result of joint development efforts between SAP and Interwoven and is available immediately from Interwoven. Interwoven is also integrated with mySAP Enterprise Portals using Interwoven Content Services, a Web services layer. Developed on top of Interwoven Content Services, TeamPortal software for mySAP Enterprise Portals provides reuse of content and content contribution across all initiatives while enforcing corporate approval, audit processes and best practices throughout the enterprise.

Venetica & BEA in Agreement

Venetica announced an agreement with BEA Systems, Inc. making Venetica’s Content Provider for BEA WebLogic Portal generally available to all BEA WebLogic Portal customers. The Content Provider for BEA WebLogic Portal includes a set of portlets that are designed to provide document sharing and collaboration as well as content integration functionality for accessing content stored on a Windows NTFS File Server. Companies can have the ability to upgrade to the Extended Edition, which includes the full VeniceBridge product, enabling integration of existing content management systems, additional network file systems, and content stored in databases. Venetica’s Content Provider for BEA WebLogic Portal will be available for download from the BEA Portal Solution Center on,

divine Announces Availability of SinglePoint Search

divine, inc. announced the availability of divine SinglePoint Search, an engine for accessing enterprise content and Web search. The browser-based application features automatic classification and multi-factor relevance ranking. divine SinglePoint Search is a search tool for enterprise users that enables fast and accurate information retrieval of content from both internal and external sources. SinglePoint applies a robust taxonomy and multi-factor relevance ranking to integrated searches of internal and external databases. It also addresses a broad range of information and options to automatically adapt to the data type and user’s query style, and to provide Custom Search Folders that allow easy navigation of search results. divine SinglePoint Search is based on the NorthernLight technology.

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