Software AG and Altova, Inc. announced the availability of the XML Spy 4 Suite and Tamino integrated product bundle. This offering includes Altova’s XML Spy 4 Suite and Software AG’s Tamino XML Server (limited version). The suite supports visual design and editing of XML documents, XML schema, and XSLT stylesheets. The XML Spy 4 Suite is comprised of the XML Spy 4 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the XML Spy 4 XSLT Designer and the XML Spy 4 Document Editor. The XML Spy 4 Suite and Tamino XML Server (limited version) product bundle runs on Windows. The version of Tamino Server which is included in the bundle, is for development purposes only (however can be upgraded at any time) and is limited by database capacity, which can range from 50MB to 1000MB, depending on the number of XML Spy 4 Suite installed user licenses purchased. Bundle pricing begins at $598 US for a single license. The Software AG Tamino XML Server and XML Spy 4 Suite product bundle is available immediately from the XML Spy online shop.,,