Mohomine Inc. announced the availability of mohoClassifier v2.3 (mC). The software is targeted for use in intelligence community applications. mC reviews text information in emails, file systems, intranets and extranets, including the Internet, and provides automated document classification and routing based on recognized patterns in the document as a whole. It reports on user-definable properties such as topic, country source, subject, and tone/urgency of the author, among others. The classifier can make fine-grained distinctions between categories, and can ascertain both text and numbers. Designed from its inception to be embedded in large-scale enterprise and intelligence community applications, mohoClassifier v2.3, is a server-based modular solution that is integrated into other applications. The software can be embedded in applications for portals, content management systems, business process management and security as well as Web-enabled applications and Web services environments. An evaluation version for enterprises of the mohoClassifier v2.3 may be requested.