TXT e-solutions introduced the 3.0 version of Polymedia, a Content Management platform for companies in the Media and Public Administration sectors as well as for large information portals. The new version of Polymedia can be integrated with complex information systems including databases, versioning systems and directory services. Polymedia uses XML to offer support for the Oracle 9i database. TXT Polymedia 3.0 can also be fully integrated with external versioning systems like Microsoft Visual Source Safe and CVS. Directory services based on LDAP technology can also be used with TXT Polymedia 3.0 allowing for the integration of enhanced tools for the management of authorised platform users with the company’s pre-existing user identification systems. The new version also includes improved modelling functions. TXT Polymedia is able to manage the distribution, from the beginning, of complex and multimedia content through both traditional and new channels (web, telefony mobile, SMS, iTV, etc). TXT Polymedia is written in Java and can be used with Windows, Unix and Linux applications. www.Txtpolymedia.com