PaperThin, Inc. announced the release of CommonSpot Content Server 3.0, a browser-based Web publishing and dynamic content management solution. CommonSpot 3.0 introduces an improved administrator interface, integrated link management tools and expanded scheduling and reporting options. With new tools like cascading style sheet support, enhanced WYSIWYG editing and pop-up menus, Web designers can empower contributors to easily create content, while flexibly controlling the look and feel of a site. With CommonSpot’s new content object architecture, designers can build custom elements that allow contributors to create content once and reuse it. New replication features, enhanced search performance and support for the Sun Solaris platform provide additional options for enterprises. PaperThin also announced a reduction in the base price for a standard CommonSpot license to $19,500. Standard license pricing starts at $19,500, with the enterprise version priced at $85,000. CommonSpot is available immediately directly from PaperThin, Inc., and through PaperThin’s partners.