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Obtree Enhances Support for Web Services

Obtree Technologies announced that it has added enhanced support for Web services to its Obtree C4 line of products. The “Obtree Word Integration Toolkit” integrates the functionality of Microsoft Word into a .NET Web Services interface (SOAP). This toolkit offers both out-of-the-box functionality and the ability to easily adapt to user’s specific needs, serving as a mediator between content creators and content consumers. Obtree’s increased support for this toolkit allows non-technical authors to create and manage meaningful information across departmental and geographic boundaries in real time. Obtree’s enhanced Web services capabilities are available immediately and are included in version 4.0.1 of Obtree C4 and the Obtree Portal Suite. Current customers may download both information and software from the company’s extranet site.

Atomz Launches Atomz Promote

Atomz launched Atomz Promote, an online application that integrates Atomz Search with the company’s Web content management system, Atomz Publish. Atomz Promote offers a way for companies to integrate content into search results through a single online application. Atomz Promote allows companies to instantly review and analyze site search requests and add relevant content to search results. For example, retailers can advertise timely promotions and link visitors to areas where they can purchase products or request more information. Media companies can highlight related editorial content to terms repeatedly searched for on their Web site. Atomz software is updated every week, not every six months, so customer feedback can be incorporated frequently. Atomz customer support diagnose issues and are able to fix them online, allowing rapid resolution of technical issues. Atomz Promote starts at $35,000 per year and comes bundled with Atomz’ site search application, Atomz Search.

SOFTWIN Launches DRM Solution

SOFTWIN launched its proprietary DRM solution, tailored to the inherent needs of the publishing industry. It focuses on the management of digital rights concerning specific content, by interdicting its involuntary as well as the voluntary non-authorized distribution. The electronic format provides the ability to redefine the content, by including their own comments, highlights, and to re-arrange different sections of interest. The solution is customizable, targeting the entire process of electronic content distribution. It provides a client-side application which controls printing, copy-pasting, saving and classical Print Screen key, and the server-side automatic content preparation tools and even a customizable virtual bookstore. A unique license which identifies a class of content, the rights associated, and the user allowed to access it. SOFTWIN’s solution targets the entire range of publishing agents, especially those with periodic content delivery (journals, updates, newsletters) following complex rules in a controlled manner.,

Hummingbird Unveils e-Gateway 2.0

Hummingbird Ltd. announced the availability of Hummingbird e-Gateway 2.0. Hummingbird e-Gateway is a lightweight, real-time, dynamic HTML (DHTML) browser-based Web-to-Host solution that allows administrators to publish enterprise information from IBM Mainframe and AS/400 hosts green screens in custom, graphical screens. Improvements to the architecture of Hummingbird e-Gateway make this version a true Web application that can be deployed over J2EE Web Application servers such as IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, Apache Tomcat and others. Improvements to scalability in Hummingbird e-Gateway 2.0 allow up to 1500 sessions to be supported by a single server. User load can be easily increased with new servers added to the ring. Hummingbird e-Gateway 2.0 is available for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, and any UNIX platform supported by IBM Websphere 4.x and above, BEA Weblogic 6.1 and above, Apache Tomcat 4.x, and e-Gateway’s integrated web application server. Hummingbird e-Gateway 2.0 is available immediately for purchase or upgrade.

InStranet Introduces Secure Report Distribution Manager

InStranet, Inc., announced the release of Secure Report Distribution Manager (SRDM), designed to securely facilitate the delivery of Business Objects WebIntelligence reports to large, yet targeted audiences. SRDM is offered as new module in InStranet’s Content-Based Application product suite. SRDM manages all the security-related metadata for navigation, access to reports, and row-level data access. SRDM enables users to retrieve the correct InfoView report using any number of descriptive dimensions, including global regions, business unit, and/or business objects. With SRDM information can be off-loaded from the data warehouse, eliminating the need to create additional tables or joins because SRDM manages all of the security-related metadata. SQL statements needed to query the data warehouse are simpler. SRDM enables users to distribute reports alongside unstructured data such as proposals, contracts, written analyses, etc.

Stellent Licenses Convera Technology

Convera announced that Stellent, Inc., has integrated Convera’s Screening Room Capture rich media indexing technology into the newly available Stellent Audio Video Indexer. Convera’s Screening Room Capture technology extracts visual and textual metadata from analog or digital video by controlling multiple subsystems for closed-captioned text extraction, voice-to-text servers, video analysis, manual annotation, device control, and timecode management. By encapsulating all metadata into XML, Screening Room Capture allows the integration of video logging into many other systems, such as an existing content management solution. Stellent Audio Video Indexer enables users to perform sophisticated searches on numerous video file types such as .mpg, .avi, .asf, or .wmv. Voice recognition results and file property information are encoded in XML for full-text indexing and online viewing. Stellent Audio Video Indexer also takes an snapshot of video files and automatically creates thumbnail images for audio video files managed within the Stellent Content Server.,

Interwoven Launches Developer Network

Interwoven, Inc. announced the launch of its Developer Network, an extranet equipped with the tools needed to build content-rich software and online applications. Interwoven’s Developer Network promotes interaction among Interwoven experts and other architects, designers, application engineers, and consultants. Developers contribute to building the community and interact through features like discussion forums moderated by Interwoven engineers and consultants. This community extends worldwide to enterprise content management customers, partners, integrators, and vendors. All content on Interwoven’s Developer Network is devoted to the developer experience. On the site users find technical notes and documents, integration reference guides, moderated forums, Webinars and events. Interwoven’s Developer Network is free of charge and can be accessed through a self-registration process located at

XyEnterprise Announces New Release of Content@ Web

XyEnterprise announced the availability of its new Content@ Web interface to its Content@ XML content management software. Content@ Web offers browser interfaces to Content@’s XML re-use, versioning, metadata and workflow functions as well as a development environment for integrators, resellers, and OEMs. Content@ Web offers out-of-the-box functionality for Web user access to Content@ projects and workflows, XML data, and search and document management functionality. The Content@ Web browser interface offers metadata and full-text search, unique views based on users and roles, and detailed versioning and history tracking. Content@ Web can be used as a development interface for OEM and integration partners with its access to core Content@ content management functionality. Content@ Web, built using the Content@ API, offers a JSP access layer that can be customized with XML, XSL, Java, and other customization languages and tools. Content@ Web is an option to the standard Content@ software that runs through Web Servers on Windows and Unix platforms.

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