Convera announced that Stellent, Inc., has integrated Convera’s Screening Room Capture rich media indexing technology into the newly available Stellent Audio Video Indexer. Convera’s Screening Room Capture technology extracts visual and textual metadata from analog or digital video by controlling multiple subsystems for closed-captioned text extraction, voice-to-text servers, video analysis, manual annotation, device control, and timecode management. By encapsulating all metadata into XML, Screening Room Capture allows the integration of video logging into many other systems, such as an existing content management solution. Stellent Audio Video Indexer enables users to perform sophisticated searches on numerous video file types such as .mpg, .avi, .asf, or .wmv. Voice recognition results and file property information are encoded in XML for full-text indexing and online viewing. Stellent Audio Video Indexer also takes an snapshot of video files and automatically creates thumbnail images for audio video files managed within the Stellent Content Server.,