InStranet, Inc., announced the release of Secure Report Distribution Manager (SRDM), designed to securely facilitate the delivery of Business Objects WebIntelligence reports to large, yet targeted audiences. SRDM is offered as new module in InStranet’s Content-Based Application product suite. SRDM manages all the security-related metadata for navigation, access to reports, and row-level data access. SRDM enables users to retrieve the correct InfoView report using any number of descriptive dimensions, including global regions, business unit, and/or business objects. With SRDM information can be off-loaded from the data warehouse, eliminating the need to create additional tables or joins because SRDM manages all of the security-related metadata. SQL statements needed to query the data warehouse are simpler. SRDM enables users to distribute reports alongside unstructured data such as proposals, contracts, written analyses, etc.