Stellent, Inc. announced two new integration products for incorporating Stellent Content Management capabilities into the Plumtree Corporate Portal: a suite of Plumtree Gadget Web Services and a Plumtree Crawler Web Service. The Gadget Suite combines in a portal page content management capabilities found in Stellent’s enterprise content management solution, and the Stellent Crawler Web Service is a tool used to scan and index content from Stellent into the Plumtree Document Directory. Stellent used Web Services standards to develop both products, which integrate with the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5WS, the newest version of Plumtree’s platform. Version 4.5WS is based on a Web Services Architecture. The Plumtree Corporate Portal incorporates key Stellent enterprise content management functionalities, such as check-in, check-out and workflow, as Plumtree Gadget Web Services. Plumtree Gadget Web Services are modular components that deliver services from enterprise applications and Internet sites to a portal page.