Semio Corp. released SemioTagger 5.0, the latest version of its indexing and content categorization engine. SemioTagger organizes and exposes information contained within all unstructured data, including e-mail, web pages, Documentum databases, Lotus Notes, etc., that exist across an enterprise. Version 5.0 features new architecture optimized for enterprise-scope performance and scalability. Specifically, SemioTagger 5.0 can process millions of documents at extremely high speed. Also optimized for fast-start use, SemioTagger ships with a set of pre-built, industry standard taxonomy templates that enable nearly immediate indexing of a company’s electronic data. A new graphical workbench enables users to customize and fine-tune taxonomies and categorization processes to suit individual, department and enterprise requirements. SemioTagger 5.0 is operational on Windows 2000 and is available immediately. Semio also announced the release of Skyline 2.0, a browser-like viewer that displays the categorized output of SemioTagger in an intuitive, graphical view of the data hierarchy and structure.