Progressive Information Technologies announced two new extensions to the technology platforms that support Vasont, a content management system for creating and managing content in XML, SGML, HTML and WML formats, and instantly publishing content across all media channels, including print, CD-ROM, Web, and wireless. Vasont now includes native support of the Oracle 9i platform. By integrating Oracle 9i’s technology within Vasont’s repository, Vasont ensures scalability to solve enterprise-wide content management and publishing requirements and provides unlimited user capacity. Previously, Vasont supported Oracle 7.2 through the Oracle 8i platforms. Additionally, Vasont integrates with Citrix MetaFrame XP for Windows and Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows, enabling the content management system to provide a client server application through a Web browser. This benefits Vasont’s client base by allowing them to work from Windows, Mac or Unix platforms. Other servers that Vasont supports include Windows NT and Windows 2000.