Insightful Corporation announced the availability of InFact, an advanced text mining solution for information retrieval. InFact consists of 20 sub-systems, most of which were originally developed by Insightful scientists over a five-year period for U.S. military and intelligence agencies. The resulting system is able to achieve a human-like understanding of text and modifies its behavior and responses accordingly. Because it can peruse millions of documents a day, InFact provides accurate, reliable, and actionable answers and analyses not practical with human workers. The InFact solution is a stand-alone system, that can support any enterprise network or knowledge store(s), regardless of operating system, legacy applications, or data formats. InFact can ingest into a single database any and all of a company’s knowledge base: from a single technical or customer service repository to a Fortune 500 company’s entire knowledge store – every document and record the company has ever stored. InFact handles text + image + numerical data in any common format, structured or unstructured. InFact is available today for Sun Solaris systems. An InFact license for a single knowledge management system starts at $250,000.