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Month: April 2002 (Page 1 of 5)

LingoMotors Launches TurboCat Version 1.1

LingoMotors announced the launch of TurboCat Version 1.1, an automatic categorization solution. TurboCat tags content with descriptive information labels or metadata, creating Rich Information Objects (RIOs). TurboCat, an automatic categorization solution, is a metaprocessor that provides rich metadata for digital content. It categorizes digital content to one or multiple standardized taxonomies and enables editing by non-technical experts. TurboCat Taxonomy Builder fully populates categories within a taxonomy semi-automatically without any training sets. TurboCat Taxonomy Mapper categorizes objects to one or more taxonomies automatically or semi-automatically. It normalizes numerous disparate content sources to one or more standardized taxonomies, thereby enabling access to all content from one location. The content’s tags can be easily changed as the categories are modified and updated. TurboCat is a component of the Turbo-Suite of tools, which includes TurboSearch and Interaction Server.

Autonomy Announces New OEM Partnership With FatWire

Autonomy Corporation plc announced a new OEM partnership with FatWire. FatWire has licensed Autonomy’s technology for its product UpdateEngine, to deliver an integrated categorization and retrieval solution into its content management software. Autonomy’s technology will provide advanced site retrieval functionality throughout UpdateEngine powered sites, enabling customers to index and retrieve content, and enhancing the timeliness and quality of these functions.,

Documentum Integrates Adobe AlterCast

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced that Documentum has completed a license agreement with Adobe to include Adobe AlterCast as a core component of Documentum’s ECM Platform. The combined solution allows web and print production teams to automate the image production process by connecting content contributors across the enterprise for updating of images and graphics. Adobe AlterCast, together with the Documentum Media Services product, brings dynamic image and digital asset management capabilities to large-scale publishing applications. The Documentum Media Services product provides intelligent handling of all rich media assets. This includes media-specific indexing, browsing and search capabilities, editing, automated file transformation features, and the ability to fully manage these digital assets with other types of content. AlterCast automatically optimizes files for delivery on any Web-enabled device. By streamlining the image production process, AlterCast lets graphics professionals focus on more strategic and complex creative tasks.,

FileNet to Integrate Verity’s K2

FileNET Corporation announced a software license agreement with Verity, Inc. to
integrate Verity’s search technology into FileNET’s extended ECM product family. The advanced search capability provided by Verity’s new K2 Developer software will give FileNET customers the ability to more quickly and accurately retrieve cataloged information that may reside across disparate IT systems and data warehouses. A key factor in FileNET’s decision to partner with Verity was K2 Developer’s capabilities in addressing the search and retrieval of XML documents. FileNET will introduce Verity K2 Developer into its Panagon Content
Services platform and Brightspire eBusiness Framework platform before
the end of 2002.

Inxight Announces Categorizer 3.0

Inxight Software, Inc. announced Inxight Categorizer 3.0. The new version provides publishers and information aggregators with a superior method for classifying unstructured information into taxonomies. Inxight Categorizer uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques that offer a high level of accuracy in 12 languages. Inxight Categorizer 3.0 features a new Service Manager — a Web application for managing multiple taxonomy models from any location; the seamless integration of Categorizer Executive — an application that provides a graphical user interface for creating and maintaining training sets; and significant performance enhancements in accuracy and precision. Inxight Categorizer 3.0 supports over 70 common word processing file formats including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Office documents, e-mail, Lotus Notes and text documents. Inxight Categorizer also supports a broad range of operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows NT and 2000, Sun Solaris 2.6 and 2.7 and Red Hat Linux 7.2 and has the ability to access any database that supports XML-based queries, such as Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server database management systems. Inxight Categorizer 3.0 is available immediately.

Documentum Announces Content Intelligence Services (CIS)

Documentum announced the availability of Documentum Content Intelligence Services (CIS). CIS, an extension to the Documentum platform, automates and controls the enrichment and organization of enterprise content. Documentum CIS streamlines the organization, indexing and linking of content residing in multiple disparate systems throughout an enterprise enabling fast, sophisticated searches, easy navigation and personalization of content. Documentum offers a full spectrum of content intelligence features in one integrated platform — auto-tagging, auto-categorization, auto-linking and use of pre-built or custom taxonomies.

Saqqara Introduces Catalog Management Service

SAQQARA Systems, Inc. unveiled the SAQQARA Catalog Management Service (CMS) for e-Procurement. By offering CMS, SAQQARA creates, hosts, and manages a private customized Web-based catalog solution for each customer that offers fast supplier enablement, control over what end users see, and intuitive interfaces that help users find the products they need to buy. SAQQARA Catalog Management Service for e-Procurement leverages the SAQQARA’s CommerceSuite and ContentWorks technologies to generate highly customized catalog management applications that automate the entire product content management process.

Documentum to Use Semio Taxonomies For Content Intelligence Services Solution

Semio announced that Documentum has licensed and integrated Semio’s industry taxonomies solution for the Documentum Content Intelligence Services offering. The Semio taxonomies, built on thesauri, consist of standard categories and subcategories that provide a conceptual framework for information classification and retrieval. They cover pharmaceutical, energy and financial services verticals as well as the areas of engineering, human resources, IT, sales and marketing, legal and customer support operations.,

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