Inxight Software, Inc. announced Inxight Categorizer 3.0. The new version provides publishers and information aggregators with a superior method for classifying unstructured information into taxonomies. Inxight Categorizer uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques that offer a high level of accuracy in 12 languages. Inxight Categorizer 3.0 features a new Service Manager — a Web application for managing multiple taxonomy models from any location; the seamless integration of Categorizer Executive — an application that provides a graphical user interface for creating and maintaining training sets; and significant performance enhancements in accuracy and precision. Inxight Categorizer 3.0 supports over 70 common word processing file formats including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Office documents, e-mail, Lotus Notes and text documents. Inxight Categorizer also supports a broad range of operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows NT and 2000, Sun Solaris 2.6 and 2.7 and Red Hat Linux 7.2 and has the ability to access any database that supports XML-based queries, such as Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server database management systems. Inxight Categorizer 3.0 is available immediately.