LingoMotors announced the launch of TurboCat Version 1.1, an automatic categorization solution. TurboCat tags content with descriptive information labels or metadata, creating Rich Information Objects (RIOs). TurboCat, an automatic categorization solution, is a metaprocessor that provides rich metadata for digital content. It categorizes digital content to one or multiple standardized taxonomies and enables editing by non-technical experts. TurboCat Taxonomy Builder fully populates categories within a taxonomy semi-automatically without any training sets. TurboCat Taxonomy Mapper categorizes objects to one or more taxonomies automatically or semi-automatically. It normalizes numerous disparate content sources to one or more standardized taxonomies, thereby enabling access to all content from one location. The content’s tags can be easily changed as the categories are modified and updated. TurboCat is a component of the Turbo-Suite of tools, which includes TurboSearch and Interaction Server.