iPhrase Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of iPhrase One Step 3.0, the latest version of iPhrase’s product for accessing high-value enterprise content. iPhrase One Step 3.0 brings to market a search and navigation system that can be implemented in just a few days, and fully deployed within 4-6 weeks. One Step 3.0 also allows enterprises to customize the results of queries based on the users’ entitlement status, allowing organizations to personalize content for different constituencies. One Step combines retrieval of unstructured Web content and live access to structured databases into a single interface. The spider ensures deep content coverage, handling complexities such as frame sets, JavaScript, forms and dynamic URLs. Rich workflow integration with content management systems and external knowledge tools, such as Interwoven’s TeamSite and MetaTagger, allows for exposure of all content. New in One Step 3.0, results can be personalized based on the user’s entitlement status, enabling a single search solution to meet the needs of various constituencies. One Step supports XML, SSL, CSS, Microsoft .NET/Web Services, SOAP, ODBC, ASP and Java. In One Step 3.0, operating system support has been extended to include Sun Solaris and FreeBSD, as well as Windows NT/2000 and Red Hat Linux. www.iphrase.com