IXIASOFT and Altova Inc. announced the availability of the XML Spy integration kit. The free package, downloadable from IXIASOFT’s website, enables the widespread XML Spy user community to leverage TEXTML Server’s XML database technology from within their development environment. The integration kit delivers a simple installation process on either the evaluation or the full editions of TEXTML Server and XML Spy 4 Suite. Users can expect to perform such operations as “save to”, “open from”, “save as” and “add to” TEXTML Server. Users can choose to “lock” retrieved documents for editing purposes and also choose to have new or edited content “indexed”, or merely stored as work in progress awaiting further editing, or content approval. Searching on file name is also possible and in an upcoming version of the integration kit, users can expect a comprehensive search interface to query, retrieve and edit content. www.xmlspy.com, www.ixiasoft.com