Pindar Systems announced Agility, an enterprise catalog commerce server that will enable B2B and B2C companies fast, creative development of complex catalogs and promotions across print, online and supply chain channels. Agility is a comprehensive product information management system built with a J2EE-compliant Web application server architecture for fully integrated catalog development – across sales channels; among in-house merchandising, marketing, creative and production teams; between domestic and international company divisions and brands; and in collaboration with both supply and sell-side trading partners. Available modules include Agility Workflow, Agility Content Gateway, Agility XML Importer and XML Exporter, Agility Table Wizard, Agility Whiteboarding, Agility PDF Generator, Agility Supplier Gateway and Production Advisor for Agility. Pindar System’s Agility can be deployed across Microsoft Windows, Web or the new Apple Macintosh OS/X platforms. It runs on Sun SPARC Solaris 7.0 and Intel NT 4.0 (and greater) servers. Supported application servers include BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere (later this year). Supported enterprise databases are Oracle 8i and 9i and Microsoft SQL 2000.