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Day: February 19, 2002 (Page 1 of 2)

ICE Authoring Group Releases Draft ICE2

IDEAlliance and the ICE (Information and Content Exchange) Authoring Group have announced that the Draft Requirements for ICE2 Specification will be released to the public on February 21, 2002. The ICE Authoring Group has initially identified 15 draft requirements that identify the lessons learned during the past four years of ICE implementations, coupled with continued innovations in the XML community, to review and refine ICE to meet the growing demands of business. The goal is to express the ICE content syndication standard as a Web Service. This first major revision of the ICE Specification will focus on compatibility with the three major Web Services Standards

Publishers & Vendors Release Metadata Standard

Members of PRISM (Publishing Standards for Industry Standard Metadata) released the ‘last call’ draft of the PRISM 1.1 specification. The new version of the specification contains updates and additions that are a result of the specification being tested in both actual production implementations and in pilots. PRISM is an industry standard that specifies metadata designed to assist in automating, repurposing, archiving, production, aggregation, rights tracking and redistribution of publishable content both within and outside the enterprise among business partners. The standard was originally intended for use in magazine publishing. However, due to its horizontal applicability, it has also gained support from a number of companies who see it as applicable to the publishing-like needs of all organizations. The PRISM Working Group is open to all organizations and includes companies such as 3Path, Inc., Active Data Exchange, Inc., Adobe Systems, Incorporated., Systems Inc., Artesia Technologies, Inc., CMP Media, LLC, ContentGuard Inc., Context Media, Inc, Creo Products Inc., Hachette Filipacchi Media, U.S., (HFM), Hearst Magazines, Interwoven, Inc., LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier plc., LingoMotors Inc., The McGraw-Hill Companies, Newsweek, Publishing Connections Inc.(PCI), and Time Inc.,

Liquent & Ipedo Form Partnership

Liquent Inc. announced a marketing alliance with Ipedo, Inc. The combined solution resulting from this partnership will leverage Liquent’s XtentT technology and Ipedo’s XML Database to provide infrastructure that can be used to transform, manage and deliver XML content to content management, portal, Web, wireless and other enterprise applications. Companies utilizing this solution will be able to automatically retrieve both structured and unstructured content from their existing data and content repositories, and use Liquent’s Xtent engine to transform the content into XML that is managed by the Ipedo XML Database. This XML can then be used to meet ongoing requirements to transform, search and assemble critical information for employees, customers, partners and electronic systems.

Connect3 Systems & Quark Announce Alliance

Connect3 Systems Inc. announced a relationship with Quark Inc. to deliver enterprise-scale content management systems for retailers and catalog publishers. Quark Digital Media System is an enterprise content management system that lets customers manage text files, images, and other digital resources. It combines an Oracle8 database with a scalable three-tier architecture capable of serving hundreds of concurrent users. QuarkDMS streamlines production and delivery processes, and makes organization a natural part of the creative process. The Connect3 VELOCITY Performance Series allows all participants in the merchandising and advertising workflow to achieve the ultimate merchant productivity goal: one common toolset to create, manage, build and publish highly versioned promotions across all customer touch points.,

Corel Launches DEEPWHITE

Corel Corporation unveiled its enterprise strategy. As part of Corel’s strategy to address the enterprise market, the company has introduced DEEPWHITE. This new brand will deliver solutions for content creation, enterprise process management, and technical graphics. DEEPWHITE is the realization of Corel’s plan to deliver enterprise-class solutions to organizations. Supported by a series of strategic acquisitions and innovative software developments, the company is leveraging the strengths of XML and other open standards to introduce a new platform for enterprise content creation. The company outlined one of the first components of the DEEPWHITE strategy – the delivery of XML-enabled content solutions. DEEPWHITE content solutions are based on the concept of smart content. Smart content is XML-based, highly structured content associated with rules and logic, enabling it to dynamically change in response to its environment, user interaction or data input. The first products under the DEEPWHITE brand are expected to launch later this year.,

Pindar in Alliance with Direct Logic

Pindar Systems announced that Direct Logic Solutions has joined the Pindar Partner program, making its DirectIntegration marketing planning, analysis and forecasting software solution available as a fully integrated adjunct on Pindar Systems new Agility enterprise catalog commerce platform. DirectIntegration is designed to help marketing and merchandising decision-makers manage all aspects of catalog planning, promotion management, product and demand forecasting, inventory control, and merchant reporting – all as part of one software application.

Atomz Adds Enhanced Workflow Capabilities To Atomz Publish

Atomz Corporation announced enhanced workflow-management capabilities for the Atomz Publish Web-content management solution. The enhancements to Atomz Publish are immediately available to Atomz customers. With the enhanced workflow capabilities of Atomz Publish, an enterprise’s Web site administrator uses the Atomz Publish Task Management interface to set up customized, sequential tasks in a workflow. Tasks within the workflow can be defined narrowly or broadly, they can be nested, and they can be performed by either a single user in a single step or by multiple users in any number of steps. After defining the workflow tasks, users can specify email alerts that notify individuals or groups of the tasks assigned to them. During the workflow process, tasks can be returned to a previous step in the workflow, or the administrator can re-route tasks to users or groups. Another new workflow capability enables content editors and administrators to post comments that accompany the task through the workflow process. An auditing tool enables site managers to keep track and oversee workflow progress on the company Web site.

Stellent Releases Quick View Plus 7.5 for Microsoft Windows CE

Stellent, Inc. announced the availability of Quick View Plus 7.5 for Microsoft Windows CE, an enhanced version of the company’s document and attachment viewing technology that delivers high-fidelity views of more than 70 file formats on Microsoft Windows CE and devices that support Pocket PC platforms. Quick View Plus Version 7.5 supports Microsoft Windows CE, .Net and Pocket PC platforms and provides enhanced viewing support for Microsoft Office XP formats, Adobe PDF files (including graphics) and archive formats, such as Zip files. Using Quick View Plus 7.5, users can now extract and view information contained within an archive file without unzipping the file or accessing the native application. Version 7.5 also retains support for all previous versions of Office documents and other formats, such as Lotus SmartSuite, Corel WordPerfect applications, Microsoft Project and Visio.

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