Atomz Corporation announced enhanced workflow-management capabilities for the Atomz Publish Web-content management solution. The enhancements to Atomz Publish are immediately available to Atomz customers. With the enhanced workflow capabilities of Atomz Publish, an enterprise’s Web site administrator uses the Atomz Publish Task Management interface to set up customized, sequential tasks in a workflow. Tasks within the workflow can be defined narrowly or broadly, they can be nested, and they can be performed by either a single user in a single step or by multiple users in any number of steps. After defining the workflow tasks, users can specify email alerts that notify individuals or groups of the tasks assigned to them. During the workflow process, tasks can be returned to a previous step in the workflow, or the administrator can re-route tasks to users or groups. Another new workflow capability enables content editors and administrators to post comments that accompany the task through the workflow process. An auditing tool enables site managers to keep track and oversee workflow progress on the company Web site.