Corel Corporation unveiled its enterprise strategy. As part of Corel’s strategy to address the enterprise market, the company has introduced DEEPWHITE. This new brand will deliver solutions for content creation, enterprise process management, and technical graphics. DEEPWHITE is the realization of Corel’s plan to deliver enterprise-class solutions to organizations. Supported by a series of strategic acquisitions and innovative software developments, the company is leveraging the strengths of XML and other open standards to introduce a new platform for enterprise content creation. The company outlined one of the first components of the DEEPWHITE strategy – the delivery of XML-enabled content solutions. DEEPWHITE content solutions are based on the concept of smart content. Smart content is XML-based, highly structured content associated with rules and logic, enabling it to dynamically change in response to its environment, user interaction or data input. The first products under the DEEPWHITE brand are expected to launch later this year.,