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Day: February 10, 2002

Altova Announces Availability of SOAP Debugger & Support for SQLXML

Altova, Inc. announced the release of the XML Spy 4.3 Suite, a comprehensive product-line of developer tools for advanced XML application development, consisting of the XML Spy 4.3 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the XML Spy 4.3 XSLT Designer, and the XML Spy 4.3 Document Editor. XML Spy 4.3 Suite lets developers tackle web services development on all of the major web services platforms including Microsoft .NET and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). XML Spy Suite is a developer tool for testing & debugging web services based on SOAP. XML Spy supports graphical editing of XML Schemas which use Microsoft SQLXML schema extensions, a technology that creates XML views of relational data, abstracting away the underlying data format. The XML Spy 4.3 Suite is available immediately for download and purchase.

Ixiasoft & Altova deliver Integrated Package

IXIASOFT and Altova Inc. announced the availability of the XML Spy integration kit. The free package, downloadable from IXIASOFT’s website, enables the widespread XML Spy user community to leverage TEXTML Server’s XML database technology from within their development environment. The integration kit delivers a simple installation process on either the evaluation or the full editions of TEXTML Server and XML Spy 4 Suite. Users can expect to perform such operations as “save to”, “open from”, “save as” and “add to” TEXTML Server. Users can choose to “lock” retrieved documents for editing purposes and also choose to have new or edited content “indexed”, or merely stored as work in progress awaiting further editing, or content approval. Searching on file name is also possible and in an upcoming version of the integration kit, users can expect a comprehensive search interface to query, retrieve and edit content.,

Progressive Information Unveils Vasont Cross-Media Publishing System

Progressive Information Technologies announced the immediate availability of Vasont, a cross-media publishing system that enables enterprises to publish content across numerous media channels. Vasont is the seventh version of Progressive Information Technologies’ TARGET 2000 cross-media publishing system. TARGET 2000 was renamed Vasont to better reflect its continuing enhancements and significant new features. Vasont empowers organizations to not only create and manage their content in XML, SGML, HTML and WML, but instantly publish it across all media channels, including print, CD-ROM, Web, and wireless. This is done through Vasont’s Tag Neutral Technology, which stores content separate from tags – ensuring content integrity and maximizing content reuse. Vasont automatically deploys a new tagging standard to the content as it is extracted and makes the content flexible for simultaneous publishing to various media channels.

Documentum Expands Signature Program

Documentum has formalized the details of a program for application value-added resellers (VARs), which expands its existing Signature Partner Program for system integrator and technology partners. The latest features of the program offer VARs an opportunity to incorporate Documentum’s enterprise content management solution into content-rich applications backed by a variety of marketing services and technical support offerings. Documentum’s Signature Partner Program offers VARs that sell packaged software applications the ability to sell Documentum’s full product license or a run-time license bundled with their application. With this more structured approach geared for the specific needs of VAR partners, Documentum intent is to expand its reach beyond the Global 2000 market into targeted vertical application providers.

Internet Expressions Announces Availability of FastPage 3.25

Internet Expressions, Inc. announced the availability of version 3.25 of its FastPage web-based content management tool. FastPage is a content management product that is installed on the server where a website is hosted. With built-in security and content editing features, people can maintain content on multiple web pages. Any document (web page or other text-only format file) that resides on a web server can be edited with FastPage. Usernames and passwords are assigned for each document using the included web-based FastPage Profile Manager. Development firms can private label FastPage with their own name and brand as well as customize the look and feel of the FastPage user interface. FastPage version 3.25 is available as a free upgrade to registered users of version 3.0 and higher. A single user license of FastPage is $79.00. Discounts are available for multi-license purchases. Multi-license pricing, reseller and ordering information is available on Internet Expressions’ web site. International versions of FastPage are planned for later this year.

YellowBrix Releases Enterprise Version of ArchiText

YellowBrix announced the release of the ArchiText Enterprise Server Toolkit (EST), a set of information management tools that transform content into actionable business information. Previously available and implemented across the enterprise marketplace as an ASP solution, the new licensed version of ArchiText EST works within the enterprise server environment to deliver effective information classification and delivery technology. ArchiText EST provides greater functionality to enterprise customers in the publishing, financial services, professional services and technology sectors. The new release offers automated categorization technology, contextual matching capabilities, and customized subject categories. ArchiText EST is a J2EE-compliant, EJB-based solution, with XML, Java, and C/C++ APIs. Features soon to be released include entity extraction, clustering, full multi-lingual support, sophisticated data aggregation and more advanced end-user applications and interfaces.

Octave Launches Content Management Solution

Octave Software launched WebOctave. WebOctave is a software application that controls, simplifies and accelerates the process of managing and publishing electronic information over the Web. WebOctave addresses both the operational inefficiencies in the content publishing process as well as the application maintenance burden that has resulted from the explosive growth in the quantity and variety of content, people involved in the process, end-user devices, and external application integration. With a scalable, standards-based application framework that supports both Java (J2EE) and Microsoft .NET-based application servers. WebOctave was built to support XML, globalization and multi-channel access devices.

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