Software AG, Inc. announced the formation of the Trusted Content Alliance (TCA). TCA is spearheaded by Software AG, Lexign, Inc., and AuthentiDate. TCA is a consortium dedicated to developing industry standards for secure, digital content management. TCA’s mission is to provide organizations with secure and cost-effective solutions that meet specific industry needs. The first fully integrated solution developed by the charter members automatically captures data and forms via the Web, and integrates the data into existing systems through digital content management. The combined TCA product suite includes Software AG’s Tamino XML Server and EntireX Total Business Integration Server, and Lexign’s Lexign Suite for managing trusted transactions in the LAN, Web, or wireless environment. AuthentiDate adds evidentiary admissibility for data non-refutability to any system, service, or workflow. The organization is currently developing a standards committee to serve as a platform for the discussion and mind share of key regulatory issues within targeted industries. Additional information will be available at in the coming weeks.,,