Open3 Technologies, Inc. announced its release of the Open3 E-Business Messaging Server 2.1 for enterprise messaging. Open3 EMS 2.1 enables the communication and integration of critical business information in a secure, reliable, and high-performing messaging system. Open3 EMS 2.1 natively supports XML, facilitating the enterprise in constructing a Web services architecture. Open3 EMS 2.1 is compliant with Java Message Service (JMS) 1.02b. Open3 EMS 2.1 combines JMS with XML to create a flexible and interoperable system for communication. Open3 EMS 2.1 also provides the core JMS engine as open source. A high-performing persistence store is included; Open3 EMS 2.1 also supports major SQL databases like IBM DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Additionally, Open3 EMS 2.1 supports clustering for load balancing. Open3 EMS 2.1 has multiple server support to handle fail over.