MedSeek’s SiteMaker is launching a new version SiteMaker 5, designed to improve the way administrators build websites. This version of SiteMaker offers new tools to help administrators collaborate more efficiently, manage dynamic web content more easily and securely, along with a host of management tools that monitor and deploy large scale installations. New features in SiteMaker 5 include Announcements, QuickProjects, Notepad, Instant Message, StickyNotes, Reminders, Library, Personal Manager, a new improved webpage editor, and enhancements to the graphics manager, network security integration, and the ability to add SiteMaker 5 Server clusters. Websites containing thousands of webpages can be controlled through the Website Tree Toolbar. SiteMaker 5 also gains flexibility by being able to integrate with legacy systems that are used in healthcare facilities. MedSeek has already incorporated web-based “front doors” to important back-end systems.