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Day: January 6, 2002

OASIS Invites Submissions for XSLT/XPath Conformance Test Suite

OASIS issued an open invitation for public input on the creation of its XSLT/XPath Conformance Test Suite. XSLT and XPath are W3C Recommendations that provide the ability to define a set of rules to transform XML data into a variety of presentation styles, such as human readable reports (HTML) or other XML vocabularies. Organizations and individuals that have created test files for XSLT processors are encouraged to submit their work to the OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Technical Committee, which plans to corroborate submissions and publish an amalgam test suite for public use. Formal submissions from both IBM/Lotus and Microsoft have already been received by the OASIS XSLT Technical Committee. To conform to the OASIS framework, submitters must catalogue their test file collections according to OASIS published document models, and they must employ available validation processes that utilize XSLT and XPath. Complete submission guidelines are posted on

Enigma Expands 3C Platform

Enigma Inc. announced general availability of its Component Information System (CIS). The new software enables operators of capital equipment to resolve the problems of managing and maintaining equipment from multiple vendors by aggregating and integrating diverse maintenance and repair content. This streamlines the support chain by unifying all of the technical information associated with various pieces of equipment as a single, unified, application including operation and maintenance manuals, service bulletins, illustrated parts catalogs and operator defined best practices. In addition, CIS aggregates maintenance and repair content from multiple suppliers, regardless of format, into a single application where revisions can be more simply managed, best practices can be integrated and information search times are drastically reduced across the maintenance environment. The resulting application streamlines access to critical support information which helps decrease maintenance cycle times.

Stellent Releases IBM WebSphere Portlets

Stellent, Inc. announced the release of its portal applications, or “portlets,” for the IBM WebSphere Portal, a platform that allows companies to build their own custom portal Web sites. The portlets enable businesses to access critical business content as well as a wide range of Stellent Content Management features from the IBM portal platform. Stellent offers five portlets for the WebSphere portal interface, providing users with specific content management functions: Content Portlet – Offers users direct access to business content that has been defined by the portal developer; Contribution Portlet – Enables users to submit business content created in native applications for automatic publishing to the portal; Search Portlet – Enables users to find business content using metadata or full text searches; Personal Searches Portlet – Provides users easy access to searches previously executed via the search portlet; and, Workflow Inbox Portlet – Provides users direct access to their workflow inboxes for the review and approval of business content.,

Serena Announces Availablilty of ChangeMan WCM 3.1

SERENA Software, Inc. announced the general availability of Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1, the newest release of the company’s Web Code and Content Manager. Serena ChangeMan WCM, designed for both technical and non-technical users integrates software code and Web content change management within a single product. Version 3.1 offers International support. The product also includes new support for UNIX Main Server and Oracle Metadata Database. Serena ChangeMan WCM automates content-focused processes such as task assignment, resource scheduling, content routing, previewing and editing, online notification and approvals. ChangeMan WCM also provides software change management capabilities. Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 extends the product’s software development capabilities through support of IBM’s Eclipse framework. Additionally, content developers and contributors will benefit from enhanced templating tools such as drop down lists and parsing utilities for advanced functionality and ease of use. Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 is available immediately.

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