Stellent, Inc. announced the release of its portal applications, or “portlets,” for the IBM WebSphere Portal, a platform that allows companies to build their own custom portal Web sites. The portlets enable businesses to access critical business content as well as a wide range of Stellent Content Management features from the IBM portal platform. Stellent offers five portlets for the WebSphere portal interface, providing users with specific content management functions: Content Portlet – Offers users direct access to business content that has been defined by the portal developer; Contribution Portlet – Enables users to submit business content created in native applications for automatic publishing to the portal; Search Portlet – Enables users to find business content using metadata or full text searches; Personal Searches Portlet – Provides users easy access to searches previously executed via the search portlet; and, Workflow Inbox Portlet – Provides users direct access to their workflow inboxes for the review and approval of business content.,