SERENA Software, Inc. announced the general availability of Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1, the newest release of the company’s Web Code and Content Manager. Serena ChangeMan WCM, designed for both technical and non-technical users integrates software code and Web content change management within a single product. Version 3.1 offers International support. The product also includes new support for UNIX Main Server and Oracle Metadata Database. Serena ChangeMan WCM automates content-focused processes such as task assignment, resource scheduling, content routing, previewing and editing, online notification and approvals. ChangeMan WCM also provides software change management capabilities. Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 extends the product’s software development capabilities through support of IBM’s Eclipse framework. Additionally, content developers and contributors will benefit from enhanced templating tools such as drop down lists and parsing utilities for advanced functionality and ease of use. Serena ChangeMan WCM 3.1 is available immediately.