ePlus, Inc. announced the availability of ePlus Content Framework, an extensible schema for the creation and management of eCommerce-enabled product catalogs. The ePlus Content Framework contains pre-defined product classifications, and enables users to match their business requirements by adding to or modifying the existing structure. The ePlus Content Framework provides a schema consisting of over 44,000 structured product classifications that facilitate the creation of user-friendly, intuitive, easy-to-navigate catalogs. ePlus Content classifications cover a wide range of commodities, attributes and coding to pinpoint and narrow the search for goods in a wide range of categories – from electrical and automotive equipment, to medical and hazardous material supplies, consumer goods, and more. The schema simplifies complex product information to enable easy creation of digital catalogs. Organizations can cross-reference product data with common terminology and standards such as the UN/SPSC or other pre-developed categorization scheme, ensuring standardized, reusable data. www.eplus.com