Plateau Systems announced it has joined the Documentum Signature Partner Program. The partnership will focus on enabling organizations using Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform to integrate rapidly with Plateau’s software, and continuing support and enterprise-wide compatibility between the two applications through future releases. Plateau will now have access to Documentum Consulting, as well as automatic software upgrades and technical support, and all Plateau programmers will continue being trained on the Documentum 4i platform. The partnership will be beneficial for the vertical industries in which Plateau and Documentum share a wide customer base, such as pharmaceutical, energy, chemical and heavy manufacturing. Federal regulators in these industries have strict guidelines for electronic documents, and impose regular audits on each company’s document systems. By integrating Plateau LMS and Documentum 4i, enterprises can show regulators they have a way of automating learning management as it relates to all document and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) updates.,