Gilbane Report Associate Editor Bill Trippe has co-authored the first book
about this important new topic, Digital Rights Management: Business and
Technology. As the title suggests, the book addresses both the business and
technical aspects of DRM. For publishers, DRM presents whole new
opportunities and new potential business models. Along with understanding
these business models, publishers must come to grips with the technology of
DRM. DRM includes complex component technology such as encryption and
watermarking, but it also needs to be understood in the broader context of
enterprise content management, digital asset management, and enterprise
security. This book provides comprehensive explanations of all these
topics, and includes detailed descriptions of all the vendor offerings, as
well as related standards such as XrML and ICE. Digital Rights Management: Business and Technology by Bill Rosenblatt, Bill Trippe, and Stephen Mooney
Published by Hungry Minds Books Digital Rights Management: Business and Technology