Applied Semantics, Inc. announced it has added direct support for the International Press Telecommunications Council’s (IPTC) subject codes to its Auto-Categorizer enterprise software product. This enhancement enables electronic publishers to automate the process of tagging news articles with topic labels for easy routing, archiving, syndication, and retrieval.
Augmenting Applied Semantics’ Auto-Categorizer with IPTC’s subject codes, a
three-level hierarchical taxonomy comprising over 900 categories, also
enables electronic publishers to integrate news content easily with other
document collections for presentation in intranet portals. Applied Semantics’ Auto-Categorizer tool accepts XML input and responds with XML output, providing compatibility with any XML format, but particularly with NewsML and the News Industry Text Format (NITF) – two additional standards established by the 50-plus member IPTC organization. The IPTC developed the subject codes in support of these two standard XML schemas, both of which provide for use of topic tags.