ALPNET, Inc. announced the launching of its FastTrackXML, an extensible solution that offers corporations a quick and easy way to implement an XML-based authoring and single-source publishing system. Working with the client, Alpnet consultants and engineers implement, over a period of four to six weeks, a system that enables the client to author information modules, assemble them into publications and publish the result to paper, Web or on-line help. The FastTrackXML solution from Alpnet makes use of off-the-shelf packages and combines them with Alpnet design, development and customization services and powerful Alpnet -developed components. It is made up of an authoring environment and a publishing environment, developed and customized for one publication type, a service manual for instance. FastTrackXML from Alpnet lets users customize the content of the manualand output it to print, Web or on-line help format. Target users of FastTrackXML from Alpnet are publication departments, engineering teams that develop product information and marketing teams that need to publish the same information to multiple channels.