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Day: November 11, 2001

Interwoven Announces Availability of TeamXML

Interwoven, Inc. announced the availability of Interwoven TeamXML software, its XML repository. Interwoven also announces new technology alliances with XML players Arbortext, DeskNet Inc., SoftQuad, Software AG and XyEnterprise to provide customers with a complete, end-to-end XML content solution. TeamXML attributes include: Parametric Search, Native Object Model, Migration Flexibility, and Multi-Channel Output.

Equilibrium Launches MediaRich 2.0

Equilibrium announced the availability of MediaRich 2.0 for corporations to dynamically generate, update and deliver visual content to Web sites and data-enabled devices. New features in version 2.0 include advances in data integration for XML, ODBC and Metadata sources, increased font rendering capabilities, support for Unicode international character sets, ICC color profiles and enhanced Photoshop 6.0 support. MediaRich is server-based imaging software that automates image production and enables the dynamic delivery of images to output devices. Equilibrium MediaRich Enterprise Edition 2.0 is server based-software starting at $35,000 per server and is available immediately.

LexiQuest releases Categorize for Categorization & Taxonomy Management

LexiQuest, Inc. announced the release of LexiQuest Categorize for automated document categorization and taxonomy management. Powered by LexiQuest’s proprietary Language Recognition technology, LexiQuest Categorize will help firms in such information-intense industries as pharmaceuticals, financial services, and law firms efficiently organize and manage hundreds of thousands of documents improving knowledge management and information sharing. LexiQuest Categorize can adapt to language the same way people do. Using a set of training documents, Categorize “reads” the content and ntelligently “learns” the type of information you expect to see in each category. The resulting definitions can then be customized and refined by expert users to ensure accuracy. Incoming documents are then “read” in the same manner and compared to category definitions until a suitable match is found at which time the document will be assigned to that category. Capable of handling over 250,000 pages of text per hour, Categorize can work on HTML, XML, MS Office, PDF, and e-mail and be used to catalog research and patent documents, journal articles, websites, analyst reports, legal briefs, etc. The administration functions allow you to continually monitor the performance of the system and make changes as needed to deliver the highest degree of accuracy.

Idiom Launches the WorldServer 5.0

Idiom Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of Idiom WorldServer 5.0, Web infrastructure software for globalization. WorldServer 5.0 features advanced translation technology with a centralized, shareable enterprise-level Translation Memory and Terminology Database, and a high performance translation workbench powered by Deja Vu. WorldServer 5.0 enhancements were designed to meet the specific needs of everyone working on globalization projects, including translators, reviewers, Webmasters, and business, project, and IT managers. WorldServer 5.0 features a high performance translation workbench, powered by Deja Vu, a translation tool that includes translation memory technology. WorldServer 5.0 offers a browser-based translation workbench, as well as a Windows translation workbench, features a role-based user interface, and includes wizards for rule building, process automation, and globalization workflow that partially automate the globalization process. WorldServer’s J2EE architecture can integrate with any corporate information repository, content management system, or application server. Pricing starts with a basic model and increases as users and locales are added. Idiom offers availability with both in-house licensing and hosting options.

XyEnterprise Integrates with Interwoven TeamXML

XyEnterprise announced that it has entered into an alliance with Interwoven, Inc. XyEnterprise has integrated XML Professional Publisher with Interwoven’s
TeamSite, and TeamXML. This joint integration allows users to publish XML content to PostScript and PDF while simultaneously publishing the same XML content to the Web. Under the terms of the agreement, XyEnterprise and Interwoven will work collaboratively to bring the integration to the marketplace. XML Professional Publisher (XPP) composes pages from XML/SGML or other source data and creates high quality output in PDF, PostScript and HTML using XSLT/XSL. XPP provides XML and typographic support combined with speed and throughput. The XPP system is ideally suited for high volume batch publishing as well as dynamic print-on-demand applications.,

Inktomi to Provide Content Management Capabilities for Microsoft Producer

Inktomi Corp. announced that it is a developer partner for Microsoft’s new Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2002. Inktomi has enhanced Inktomi Media Publisher software, allowing users of Microsoft Producer to automatically publish, distribute and manage rich media content across distributed, heterogeneous networks using Producer’s built-in Publish Wizard. Working seamlessly with Microsoft Producer, Inktomi Media Publisher enables networks to handle the flow of multimedia presentations and other rich content across networks while giving users fast access to business critical information. Inktomi Media Publisher provides users of Microsoft Producer with integrated content publishing, scheduled distribution, content management and search capabilities through a Web application. To facilitate access to this content, Inktomi Media Publisher includes Inktomi’s enterprise search technology, allowing users to search and retrieve rich media content published across networks by keyword, title and description.

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