LexiQuest, Inc. announced the release of LexiQuest Categorize for automated document categorization and taxonomy management. Powered by LexiQuest’s proprietary Language Recognition technology, LexiQuest Categorize will help firms in such information-intense industries as pharmaceuticals, financial services, and law firms efficiently organize and manage hundreds of thousands of documents improving knowledge management and information sharing. LexiQuest Categorize can adapt to language the same way people do. Using a set of training documents, Categorize “reads” the content and ntelligently “learns” the type of information you expect to see in each category. The resulting definitions can then be customized and refined by expert users to ensure accuracy. Incoming documents are then “read” in the same manner and compared to category definitions until a suitable match is found at which time the document will be assigned to that category. Capable of handling over 250,000 pages of text per hour, Categorize can work on HTML, XML, MS Office, PDF, and e-mail and be used to catalog research and patent documents, journal articles, websites, analyst reports, legal briefs, etc. The administration functions allow you to continually monitor the performance of the system and make changes as needed to deliver the highest degree of accuracy. www.lexiquest.com