XyEnterprise announced that it has entered into an alliance with Interwoven, Inc. XyEnterprise has integrated XML Professional Publisher with Interwoven’s
TeamSite, and TeamXML. This joint integration allows users to publish XML content to PostScript and PDF while simultaneously publishing the same XML content to the Web. Under the terms of the agreement, XyEnterprise and Interwoven will work collaboratively to bring the integration to the marketplace. XML Professional Publisher (XPP) composes pages from XML/SGML or other source data and creates high quality output in PDF, PostScript and HTML using XSLT/XSL. XPP provides XML and typographic support combined with speed and throughput. The XPP system is ideally suited for high volume batch publishing as well as dynamic print-on-demand applications. www.interwoven.com, www.xyenterprise.com