Stratify, Inc. (formerly PurpleYogi, Inc.) announced the launch of its family of enterprise software solutions – the Stratify Discovery System and the Stratify Classification Server. The Stratify software platform transforms unstructured corporate data into relevant and immediately accessible information by automatically organizing millions of documents and displaying them in an easy-to-navigate hierarchy. The Stratify software platform can be embedded into existing corporate applications, such as enterprise search engines, corporate portals, news aggregation services, CRM solutions, sales force automation software, and content and document management systems. It collects this business-critical information from a variety of sources, automatically organizes it into a hierarchy of topics tailored to the needs of a particular enterprise. The Stratify Discovery System can either import an existing topic hierarchy or use patented clustering techniques to organize documents into a new, customized hierarchy. The Stratify Classification Server allows software application developers or service providers to build products that automatically organize and classify unstructured, text-based information. The Stratify Discovery System and the Stratify Classification Server are available now. Pricing starts at $50,000.