InterTrust Technologies Corporation announced its Rights|Alliance Program (RAP) with four technology vendors to help service providers enter new digital commerce markets and create new sources of revenue from digital content. Artesia Technologies, nCUBE Corporation, Portal Software, and SkyStream Networks have joined forces with InterTrust to provide pre-integrated DRM-enabled digital media subscription solutions for the entertainment market. The Rights|Alliance Program is based on InterTrust’s recently announced Rights|System platform for content protection and management, which easily integrates with existing systems. The Rights|Alliance Program integrates the software and hardware technology from each of its participant companies into a complete content monetization solution. As a result, content owners and service providers can quickly start new digital content businesses. Until now, complete DRM-enabled, digital content solutions have been assembled piece-meal — making it difficult for service providers and content owners to turn a profit from their content. Through the Rights|Alliance Program, InterTrust is working with its partners to develop a variety of pre-integrated solutions that eliminate the need to integrate multiple disparate systems and applications. The resulting solutions provide a way to monetize digital content.,,,,