Mozquito Technologies launched their new XML WebAccess 2.0. XML WebAccess 2.0 is a user interface for native XML data and brings XML data to any Web user. This server software snaps into running IIS or Apache Web servers to make the data interactive. End users can view, edit, save, add, delete and submit pure XML data in current browsers – no plug-ins, no browser updates needed. XML WebAccess 2.0 is powered by a new markup language — XML-UI. This language is based on the W3C XForms standard, which is still a work in progress. XML WebAccess 2.0 is being offered at a special launch price of US$/Euro 1,099, which runs from Oct. 1-15. After Oct. 15, the regular price will be US$/Euro 1,299. On Oct. 15, Mozquito Technologies will release the development suite, XML WebFactory 2.0.