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Day: October 28, 2001 (Page 1 of 2)

Reef Introduces Newest Version of Reef QuickStart

Reef unveiled Reef QuickStart 2.0, the newest version of its QuickStart suite of e-business solutions for small and medium-sized business, based on Reef’s InternetWare enterprise software. The Reef QuickStart product line, comprised of QuickStart Website, QuickStart Intranet and QuickStart Extranet. QuickStart 2.0 has been entirely redesigned so that even non-technical users can design and launch their own dynamic websites, extranets and intranets in record time. The entire site structure, navigation, user rights management, and workflow are pre-configured for each QuickStart module, with users required only to add their own content and graphical elements. Reef QuickStart 2.0 starts at $13,000 and is available immediately. The list price is based on a shared hosted environment, with a dedicated hosted environment also available. All Reef QuickStart modules will be sold exclusively through Reef’s value-added resellers and distributors.

Saba Delivers Learning Content Management System

Saba announced Saba Content, a new learning content management system (LCMS) and component of Saba3 Release4. Saba Content is a system that manages the
processes of creating, capturing, assembling, publishing, delivering, and
storing content and learning objects. Saba Content manages all forms of content including real time and unstructured content such as text, images, audio and video clips, modules, chapters, and test questions. Saba Content is differentiated through its support of learning standards such as AICC, ADL SCORM, and IMS, which simplify the integration process to ensure that customers are not locked in to one particular type of content or vendor. Saba Content is available in November.

Liquent Announces the Release of Liquent Encore

ESPS, Inc. (d/b/a. Liquent) announced the release of Liquent Encore, a content access, transportation and distribution engine that provides software companies, integrators, and consultants with access to critical business content. Encore enables bi-directional communication with most major document and content management repositories, including Documentum, OpenText, FileNet,
Hummingbird (Docs Fusion), Lotus Notes, Domino.doc and standard file systems.
It enables information reuse by providing access to and transportation of
documents or content regardless of whether they are in proprietary
repositories or buried deep within multiple repositories across multiple
locations. Encore can be used to automatically migrate high volumes of content between multiple repositories and secure distribution of content between Encore servers using the Internet. Encore supports advanced content/document management system features, including check-in/check-out, renditions, compound/virtual documents, repository searches and workflow queue monitoring.

Documentum & Hitachi to Offer Content Management to Japanese Government Sector

Documentum, Inc. announced that it will partner with Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. to jointly distribute content management solutions for the public sector market in Japan. The focus of the solutions will be moving government applications and procurements online, making all publicly available information accessible via the Web and building an electronic infrastructure for Japanese government operations. The partnership will target the estimated $15 billion electronic document and content management market represented by the prefectural and local government agencies now moving to the Web. This government sector is set to follow the lead of the central Tokyo government, which has been actively spearheading the eJapan Project launched by the Koizumi Cabinet earlier this year.

CNet Sweden Launches Visual Net Server 4.0

CNet Sweden launched Visual Net Server 4.0, an application server and integrated development environment for XML publishing and syndication applications. With Visual Net Server 4.0 developers can deliver large-scale, highly interactive and content-rich, cross-media publishing applications at a low cost. Visual Net Server 4.0 includes ready-to-go software for on-the-fly conversion of a large number of different data sources into XML – this includes SQL, Word, HTML documents, web pages, and delimited files. A built-in text parser also makes it possible to translate virtually any text file format into XML. The built-in cross-media engine makes it easy to publish and deliver content to different output format such as web pages, XML documents, Flash, Word, Quark XPress and text files. Visual Net Server fully supports XSL-T for rendering XML but also offers its own easy-to-use template language. Visual Net Server 4.0 is available for immediate delivery.

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