CNet Sweden launched Visual Net Server 4.0, an application server and integrated development environment for XML publishing and syndication applications. With Visual Net Server 4.0 developers can deliver large-scale, highly interactive and content-rich, cross-media publishing applications at a low cost. Visual Net Server 4.0 includes ready-to-go software for on-the-fly conversion of a large number of different data sources into XML – this includes SQL, Word, HTML documents, web pages, and delimited files. A built-in text parser also makes it possible to translate virtually any text file format into XML. The built-in cross-media engine makes it easy to publish and deliver content to different output format such as web pages, XML documents, Flash, Word, Quark XPress and text files. Visual Net Server fully supports XSL-T for rendering XML but also offers its own easy-to-use template language. Visual Net Server 4.0 is available for immediate delivery.