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XML Global Releases GoXML Transform 2.0

XML Global Technologies, Inc. announced the release of GoXML Transform 2.0, a solution for the dynamic exchange of XML, EDI and other data formats. GoXML Transform 2.0 directly addresses the need to quickly and reliably transform legacy and other data into XML. Features included in GoXML Transform 2.0 are: Design studio for building mapping rules, Intuitive Drag and Drop User Interface, EDI dictionaries for X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, SWIFT, Routing and workflow, Extensive set of back-end connectors, Links to MQSeries, SOAP, HTTP, ebXML Registry Message Service and Component Dictionary, Web Services support, Registry and Database Lookup and Replace, Enhanced Document Recognition System, and Multiple Concurrent Inputs. GoXML Transform 2.0 is available for immediate delivery with special pricing until November 30th, 2001.

Stellent Announces French & German Versions of Its Content Management System

Stellent Inc. announced that French and German versions of its Stellent Content Management system are now shipping. The Stellent Content Management system has always supported the management and delivery of multi-language content. The product now enables users to efficiently interact with the Stellent system in French, German or English, allowing localized Web sites in these languages to be more rapidly deployed and more easily maintained. Users can choose their language preference when they create their user profiles in the Stellent Content Management system, and the Stellent Content Server then automatically presents the interface in the preferred language. Stellent added a localization kit to the Stellent Content Management system in version 5.0, which was released in June 2001. The kit enables Stellent and selected partners to produce versions of Stellent Content Management in different languages. Stellent is also producing Japanese, Korean and Spanish versions of the Stellent Content Management system. Stellent Content Management supports full-text and metadata searching for multiple languages, including multibyte languages. The French and German versions are configured upon installation of the Stellent Content Management system and are provided at no additional cost. The Stellent Content Management system is priced at $100,000 to $250,000 USD.

Stratify, Formerly PurpleYogi, Launches Product Platform

Stratify, Inc. (formerly PurpleYogi, Inc.) announced the launch of its family of enterprise software solutions – the Stratify Discovery System and the Stratify Classification Server. The Stratify software platform transforms unstructured corporate data into relevant and immediately accessible information by automatically organizing millions of documents and displaying them in an easy-to-navigate hierarchy. The Stratify software platform can be embedded into existing corporate applications, such as enterprise search engines, corporate portals, news aggregation services, CRM solutions, sales force automation software, and content and document management systems. It collects this business-critical information from a variety of sources, automatically organizes it into a hierarchy of topics tailored to the needs of a particular enterprise. The Stratify Discovery System can either import an existing topic hierarchy or use patented clustering techniques to organize documents into a new, customized hierarchy. The Stratify Classification Server allows software application developers or service providers to build products that automatically organize and classify unstructured, text-based information. The Stratify Discovery System and the Stratify Classification Server are available now. Pricing starts at $50,000.

Software AG Launches XML-Based Integration Solutions

Software AG, Inc. announced the launch of a re-configured and more robust suite of EntireX products, its XML-based Integration Server. EntireX is a family of flexible and easy-to-use component-based solutions for integrating enterprise applications across heterogeneous operating systems, applications and platforms. The EntireX product suite is composed of three major components: EntireX Orchestrator is an integration broker based on technology that enables customers to connect multiple disparate back-end applications and data sources from many platforms; EntireX Communicator provides “wrapping” technology and flexible programming interfaces that can deploy business processes to the Web in as little as three mouse clicks; EntireX ‘Intelligent’ Adapters enable software integration with standard applications such as Siebel, SAP, PeopleSoft; various databases such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Adabas as well as other technologies such as MQ Series and CICS.

Pageflex Releases Mpower 3

Pageflex, Inc., announced it is shipping version 3 of Pageflex Mpower. By incorporating Adobe’s Portable Document Format Library for native output of PDF files and enabling users to place PDF files as static or variable objects within documents, Pageflex offers customers advanced capabilities for variable print applications. Mpower 3 includes dozens of new features, usability improvements, and performance enhancements, including: the ability to preview transactional jobs before they are incorporated into a web site, advanced user-defined copyfitting rules, spot color and tint support, generic CMYK color matching of previews and bitmaps, placed PDFs as images, XML-based project files, and support for enhanced output drivers, including native PDF utilizing the Adobe PDF Library and the Personalized Print Markup Language (PPML). Pageflex offers Mpower through both purchase and subscription models. Mpower 3 upgrades will be sent to all qualified customers worldwide. It is immediately available.

Semio Announces New Versions of SemioTagger & Plumtree Integration

Semio Corporation announced new versions of its SemioTagger categorization engine and its Semio Plumtree Integration Module. Enhancements to SemioTagger include support for Oracle databases and the ability to crawl data stored by Documentum, performance improvements and additional source file support. Significant new features in the Semio Plumtree Integration Module include relevance ranking and crawl-time indexing. The new Oracle database support, in addition to existing Microsoft SQL Server support, means that XML metadata generated by Tagger can be automatically loaded into most databases in either Unix or Windows environments. Documentum support has also been expanded in SemioTagger for Unix, enabling categorization of information for Documentum in both environments. These features, along with many performance enhancements, are available immediately in version 4.2 of SemioTagger.

Grey Zone Announces 3 Minute Extranet with SecureZone 5

Grey Zone, Inc announced the release of SecureZone 5. SecureZone 5 enables business users to create a completely functioning extranet, including users and content, in “as little as 3 minutes”. SecureZone empowers non-technical professionals to spawn an unlimited number of distinct Web sites from a single platform. The product combines security, content management, and audience-based publishing capabilities that simplify the Web publishing process. It incorporates technology called RDDAC (Reverse Driven Data Access Control), that provides company administrators with fine-grained control of data for security and administration, and provides access and administrative functions for each individual piece of content. The platform supports multiple publishing methodologies via prepackaged and/or XML API. It scales to run on anything from a PC to a mainframe. SecureZone for Linux is available on the IBM zSeries and S/390 mainframes, as well as the IBM iSeries and pSeries product families. In addition, the new product supports a number of database environments, including Oracle and IBM’s DB2.

NxN Launches alienbrain 5.0

NxN Software announced the release of alienbrain 5.0. Key new functionality in alienbrain 5.0 includes advanced project tracking and asset management facilities, 35 additional productivity features, scalability to 100+ users and new clients for Macintosh and Linux. With the release of 5.0, NxN also introduces entry-level configurations that make alienbrain available for a 10-person team for as low as $9,900. Current alienbrain users may upgrade to the new version using their standard maintenance agreements. alienbrain 5.0 will be available on November 15, 2001.

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