Grey Zone, Inc announced the release of SecureZone 5. SecureZone 5 enables business users to create a completely functioning extranet, including users and content, in “as little as 3 minutes”. SecureZone empowers non-technical professionals to spawn an unlimited number of distinct Web sites from a single platform. The product combines security, content management, and audience-based publishing capabilities that simplify the Web publishing process. It incorporates technology called RDDAC (Reverse Driven Data Access Control), that provides company administrators with fine-grained control of data for security and administration, and provides access and administrative functions for each individual piece of content. The platform supports multiple publishing methodologies via prepackaged and/or XML API. It scales to run on anything from a PC to a mainframe. SecureZone for Linux is available on the IBM zSeries and S/390 mainframes, as well as the IBM iSeries and pSeries product families. In addition, the new product supports a number of database environments, including Oracle and IBM’s DB2.