XyEnterprise announced that it has released a new out-of-the-box Content@ (pronounced: con-tent-a) package geared specifically to simplify the production of product documentation for product documentation editorial workgroups. This release is based on the Content@ editorial content management and workflow software, and provides a variety of predefined workflows, roles and output tools. The Content@ Product Documentation Solution package includes all the standard Content@ features such as a fully documented API for UNIX and NT, workflow and metadata management. It also includes a direct application link to XyEnterprise’s XML Professional Publisher (XPP) software for automated publishing and personalized, print-on-demand output. The Content@ system supports a wide variety of editing tools such as Microsoft Word, Arbortext Epic, Adobe FrameMaker+SGML and SoftQuad XMetaL. In addition, the Content@ Product Documentation Solution package contains a unique complement of product documentation best practice features. Content@ workgroup is available now. Pricing starts at $50,000 for the server software and 10 concurrent client licenses. www.xyenterprise.com