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Day: September 9, 2001

TietoEnator Introduces dBroker Solution

TietoEnator has developed an electronic service solution called dBroker, which supports TietoEnator’s Digital Government concept and makes it possible to flexibly combine Internet portals and services offered by different service providers. dBroker offers different portals a centralised communications channel through one point to electronic services. In practice, the builders of Internet portals can use the dBroker solution to expand the service selection of their portals. A portal also becomes more user-friendly when the user can access a more extensive service selection and services that are naturally related to the portal through his favourite portals. In addition to combining portals and electronic services, dBroker contains solutions for, e.g. user authentication, digital signature and payment. As an overall solution, dBroker offers corporate customers a simpler way to develop electronic services of their own. dBroker has been developed with Java and is based on UDDI. Data is transferred between different information systems as XML messages, and the data transfer protocol is SOAP.

Enigma’s 3C Platform Now Supports Wireless Devices

Enigma Inc. announced that its 3C Platform for content, commerce and collaboration now delivers maintenance and repair manuals and illustrated parts catalogs to wireless devices. This additional delivery option enables operators of high-value equipment to easily access thousands of pages of manufacturer-provided product support documentation, regardless of their geographic location. Using a hand-held computer or PDA that supports either the PalmOS or PocketPC operating system, field personnel can search through vast amounts of technical information within maintenance manuals and service bulletins, as well as view illustrations of parts and repair procedures. With wireless access, mechanics can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to make routine repairs, because there is no need to move from the equipment being serviced to a central shop floor workstation to locate maintenance information. By providing access to parts lists and ordering information directly on wireless devices, technicians can quickly locate and order parts on the spot without having to tie-up additional resources procuring components and completing the repair.

TRADOS Announces Licensing Deal With Microsoft

TRADOS Incorporated announced that it would license its technology on an enterprise-wide basis to Microsoft Corporation. This deal will allow all Microsoft business units — including Windows, Office, Developer Tools, Online Product Support Services, MSN, MSNBC, and — to use TRADOS technology internally as a central part of their content management and localization processes. TRADOS’ technology optimizes and accelerates the human translation process-both for the individual translator and more importantly, across the enterprise.

Plumtree Releases Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5

Plumtree Software released the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5, which broadens Plumtree’s Internet architecture to search multiple content indexes in parallel, extends single sign-on to the applications integrated in the portal, and delivers Gadget Web Services to wireless devices. The Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5 also features a more efficient, intuitive user interface. The Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5 supports single sign-on technologies from IBM’s Tivoli Systems, Netegrity and Oblix. With the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5, Plumtree extends the Internet architecture from application integration to search. The new platform uses SOAP to communicate search commands via HTTP in parallel to search engines running on any platform, anywhere on the Internet. Plumtree’s new Internet architecture for network search will be able to incorporate results from AltaVista Internet Search (both Web and multimedia), Inktomi, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and other content indexes. The Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5 features the Plumtree Wireless Device Server, which distributes Gadget content and services to wireless devices, such as mobile telephones, wirelessly enabled Palm handheld computers, Pocket PC-based personal digital assistants, BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds, and other handheld computers. The Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5 is priced on a per-user basis, and is generally available now. Plumtree is offering customers a service upgrade package and upgrade documentation.

Altova Releases XML Spy 4.0

Altova, Inc. announced the release of the XML Spy 4.0 Suite. The XML Spy 4.0 Suite consists of the XML Spy 4.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the XML Spy 4.0 XSLT Designer, and the XML Spy 4.0 Document Editor. The XML Spy 4.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) makes it easy to create and manage XML documents, stylesheets, and schemas. XML Spy 4.0 IDE provides the power and flexibility needed to work with XML content in the most sophisticated production environments. XML Spy 4.0 XSLT Designer is a new approach to automate writing of complex XSLT Stylesheets using an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface. XML Spy 4.0 Document Editor is a word-processor style free-flow WYSISYG editor for XML documents, empowering non-technical people to create and edit XML documents. The Document Editor is available as a browser plug-in or a stand-alone application. The XML Spy 4.0 Document Framework consists of the XML Spy 4.0 XSLT Designer and the XML Spy 4.0 Document Editor, which together form an enterprise-wide content management solution for creating and deploying large volumes of XML content in production environments such as web-publishing, knowledge management or e-commerce. XML Spy 4.0 IDE and XML Spy 4.0 Document Framework together comprise the XML Spy 4.0 Suite. The XML Spy 4.0 Suite is available immediately for download and purchase from the XML Spy Online Shop. See website for complete price-list.

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