Quiver, Inc. announced the first product in the Quiver Knowledge Suite, QKS Classifier, a system for efficiently and accurately organizing content into an intuitive directory of corporate knowledge. Unlike purely automated categorization solutions, Quiver’s hybrid taxonomy platform tightly integrates advanced classification algorithms with an intuitive workflow and directory management toolset to capture human input and expertise. Quiver’s taxonomy and categorization platform offers customers a solution that automates the process of finding, screening and categorizing content while providing control over – and visibility into – those categorization results. With QKS Classifier, departmental information managers and IT managers alike have the control and visibility to manage valuable enterprise content, leveraging human judgment as well as technological efficiency. Quiver will be distributing QKS Classifier through a direct sales force as well as through a reseller and partner program. In June, Quiver announced a technology and marketing agreement with Inktomi to integrate QKS Classifier with the Inktomi Search products, and to jointly market the combined solutions to accelerate the deployment of search and categorization software within the enterprise. Quiver QKS Classifier is currently available, with prices starting at $125,000 for the complete client/server platform. Pricing varies depending on the size of the taxonomy and the number of information manager seat licenses required. www.quiver.com