IntraNet Solutions, Inc. announced that it will change its name to Stellent, Inc., effective August 29, 2001. The company’s ticker symbol will change to Nasdaq: STEL. The name “Stellent” is derived from a combination of word parts: “Stell” comes from the word “stellar” meaning of the stars, and “ent” is derived from the words “excellent” and “intelligent.” “Stars” and “stellar” have several connotations such as intelligence, superiority and enlightenment. They are associated with navigation and discovery, conveying themes of leadership, cutting edge innovation and choosing the right path. With only two syllables, the name “Stellent” speaks very quickly, suggesting rapid deployment, which is representative of the company’s Xpedio Content Management system. IntraNet Solutions’ Information Exchange Division (IED), which is responsible for the company’s wireless, conversion and viewing technology, will become the Stellent Software Components Division (SCD) beginning August 29. IntraNet Solutions’ Web site address will also change to, and the company will launch a new logo.