infoShark, inc. announced the general availability of XMLShark 3.2 for sharing information captured within corporate databases, with anyone in the world through established XML definitions. Developed in Java, XMLShark provides capabilities that automate much of the effort for accessing, exchanging, sharing and distributing data between proprietary database environments such as Oracle, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server. Enhancements include extended DB2 support to include DB2 for AS/400 and the ability to access any data source that has a JDBC driver. Highlights of the new features and functions in XMLShark 3.2 include: Open database interface for connecting to any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) datasource within a distributed enterprise; Extended DB2 support; Support for accessing new database object types such as “Database Views,” which represent a more intelligent view of your enterprise data; and Web-based server administration so users can configure and administer the XMLShark environment from any remote location using a web browser. XMLShark uses XML and SOAP so data can be securely distributed both inside and outside the firewall. XMLShark does not require the same database, or same database version, or same proprietary network protocol to exchange and distribute data.