GlobalSight Corp. and Day announced a wide-ranging strategic partnership to deliver integrated globalization solutions for multinational organizations. Under terms of the agreement, GlobalSight and Day will jointly provide tight integration of the GlobalSight System3 Globalization Management System (GMS) with Day Communique, the company’s enterprise content and commerce management solution, to help multinational organizations penetrate global markets faster, slash localization costs, and eliminate global brand dilution. GlobalSight System3 provides Communique users with the infrastructure to manage the complex process of adapting, translating, and maintaining all of an organization’s content worldwide, regardless of where that content is stored. Its sophisticated change detection and process management capabilities automatically initiate global processes to alert translators, reviewers, legal staff, managers, and other key individuals to ensure the right changes are made for the right country, language, or locale. Because Day’s Communique architecture is intrinsically internationally aware with full Unicode support and complete separation of content and design, the concept of multiple languages and character sets are supported out of the box.,