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Day: August 27, 2001

Documentum Web Development Kit Runs on BEA WebLogic

Documentum announced that the company’s Web Development Kit (WDK) now runs on BEA WebLogic. Companies with existing investments in both technologies can deploy new content-rich Web applications and dynamic content management services with a lower total cost of ownership. Documentum WDK consists of a development environment and nearly 60 pre-built, reusable components that incorporate the most common Documentum functions. WDK-based applications are J2EE compliant, which allows them to be deployed alongside or integrated with any application built on the J2EE platform. Earlier this year, Documentum introduced its eConnector for WebLogic which enhances the delivery of highly personalized content to Web applications. This out-of-the-box integration connects BEA WebLogic Personalization Server and Documentum 4i WCM Edition.

SPSS Announces SmartViewer Web Server 3.0

SPSS Inc. announced the release of SmartViewer Web Server 3.0. SmartViewer Web Server 3.0 now offers more personalization and interactivity with online documents. This latest version is a portal to predictive analytical content and adds value to existing systems delivering historical reports. Used in tandem with SPSS Base, the software makes it easy for customers to publish results of analysis done with SPSS products, then distribute those results to individuals both inside and outside an organization. SmartViewer Web Server’s new features include: increased personalization, robust content management, and expanded system availability. SmartViewer Web Server 3.0 is currently shipping worldwide with a domestic list price of $19,900. International, GSA and academic pricing varies. SmartViewer Web Server is available from all divisions of SPSS Inc.

Inktomi & BroadVision to Provide Solution for Retrieval of Enterprise Information

Inktomi Corp. and BroadVision, Inc. announced a strategic alliance to improve access to highly customized information across enterprise networks. Under terms of the alliance, the companies have integrated Inktomi Enterprise Search Software and BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise, providing enhanced retrieval of content, including personalized and actionable information, through one search query. BroadVision plans to offer a standard solution for enterprises to integrate Inktomi’s search technology with BroadVision’s personalization technology., .

Interwoven to OEM Liquent Xtent

ESPS, Inc. (dba Liquent) announced that Interwoven, Inc. has entered into an OEM licensing agreement with Liquent for its Xtent rendering technology. Interwoven plans to use Xtent as an integral component of its future products and services. Liquent’s Xtent is an automated content transformation engine that integrates with Interwoven’s TeamSite, TeamXML, TeamCatalog and MetaTagger product lines. It provides these products with high-fidelity XML transformations of popular file formats for management, storage and intelligent tagging and reuse of content across multiple eBusiness applications and initiatives. A scalable solution designed to meet enterprise-wide needs, Xtent enables organizations to extract structured and unstructured content from legacy document management repositories and hundreds of source formats for storage and management in Interwoven’s XML content management products, like TeamXML. Xtent automatically creates representations, or “renditions,” of content in an XML schema that retains the integrity, fidelity, and context of the original source information. Transformation to this schema, which leverages W3C standards, permits the content to be combined, converted and distributed in a variety of popular output formats, including WML, XML, HTML, XHTML, SVG, PDF, OEB, MS Word and printed paper.,

CMSWatch Offers Free ‘Content Management Health Check’

IDEV announced the availability of a free interactive “Content Management Health Check” for companies to measure how effectively they are managing their website content. Participants complete a 3-minute, 15-question survey, and results are tallied immediately. Possible diagnoses include,” good health,” “a little creaky,” “need to see a specialist,” and “can’t act too soon!” Users can employ this recommendation as they determine their next steps regarding the management of their online content. The health check is completely anonymous, and no results are transmitted to the CMSWatch server. The health check can be taken at CMSWatch,

Centrifusion & Documentum Announce Alliance

Centrifusion, Inc. announced the formation of an alliance with Documentum to deliver content management solutions to joint customers. Centrifusion will design and deploy applications that integrate content management processes with other e-business and website components.,

Business Internet Consortium Announces XML Deliverables

The Business Internet Consortium announced deliverables for its XML-based eBusiness Standards Convergence Workgroup. Materials will be published this fall. The XML Convergence Workgroup is incorporating customer requirements to reflect typical B2B integration needs for major industries including auto manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, banking and finance. The Workgroup will publish a white paper containing a high-level conceptual model for B2B integration. In addition to the white paper, the group will publish a requirements document and case studies based on business scenarios from member companies. The XML Convergence Workgroup will share requirements and identified architectural gaps with standards bodies including OAGI, OASIS and the W3C. Current members of the XML Workgroup include Ford Motor Company, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Pennzoil-Quaker State Company, RosettaNet and SAP.

Planet 7 Technologies Changes Name to Agital; Releases SDS

Planet 7 Technologies announced that it will change its name to Agital, Inc., effective August 28, 2001. Agital has also chosen the “.net” suffix for the company’s URL, in order to maintain a connection to its origin in network data management. Agital uses XML and Java to connect and transform business information through Data Conditioning technology that parses, processes, and intelligently delivers newly conditioned data in real-time to disparate business applications, services, and devices. In a separate announcement, Agital announced the release of the next generation of the company’s software platform that solves complex data integration by reducing the complexity of existing e-business applications. A 30-day evaluation version of the Agital Solution Development System is available today at no charge. Design licenses start at approximately US$890.00 for a single developer, single CPU license. Development and test licenses start at approximately US$3,275.00 for a single developer with unlimited distribution/CPU permissions. Deployed Agital Solutions start at US$10,675 for a five CPU license and require the purchase of an Agital Solution Development System. OEM/Reseller pricing is available, and may be negotiated on an individual basis.

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